Vegan Menu

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Frequently asked questions

Are the dipping sauces vegan?

Yes! Every item as listed on this menu is 100% plant-based and cruelty-free. Our Executive Chef makes every sauce himself in-house.

What is Tempeh? What is Tofu?

Both are soy products but while Tempeh is made directly from cooking and fermenting soybeans, Tofu is made from condensed, unfermented soy milk that has been processed into solid white blocks.

What are the vegan wines that you carry?

Sandbanks Dunes Red VQA - Full-Bodied & Smooth Sandbanks Pinot Grigio VQA - Crisp & Flavourful

What Plant Milk & Cream do you offer with coffee?

We serve Oat Milk & a Soy-based Cream.

Do you have a vegan-designated fryer?

Yes! We have a fryer exclusively used for this menu. Animal products are not fried in the same fryer.

Is the vegan menu celiac friendly?

The items designated with a GF symbol next to them are gluten-free & allergy friendly as-is, no modifications needed. Other items CAN be made gluten-free & allergy friendly. If you are unsure whether or not a menu item is suited to your dietary needs, please ask your server and/or the manager-on-duty for assistance. Please note that we do not have a fryer exclusive to gluten-free items. Although menu items like Sweet Potato Fries & Guacamole & Chips do not contain gluten, cross-contamination may occur in our deep fryer.

What brands of cheeze do you use?

ALE's Executive Chef makes all of our cheezes entirely in-house from scratch. Should you have immediate concerns regarding ingredients, please consult the manager-on-duty.

Does every menu item contain soy?

No! If you're not a fan of soy, or have an allergy, fear not! Many of our menu items are soy-free! One that we love to highlight is our Fish 'N' Chip meal!

I am not vegan. Can I still order from this menu?

Absolutely! We encourage anyone, regardless of lifestyle & diet, to try our plant-based menu! It has something for everyone!