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Host a Fundraiser Trivia Night with ALE

Looking to host a fundraiser night in support of a local cause? Look no further! ALE and local trivia master Gordon Smith are here to help you raise funds for your sports team, non-profit, or personal initiative. Join us for a skill-testing evening among your community and make a difference!

What is a Quiz Night?

  • 5 categories – General Knowledge, Sports, Music, History, Geography 

  • Quiz Master (Gordon) asks a question, you and your team try and come up with an answer

  • Between questions music is played

  • End of each round swap your answer sheets with another team

  • Gordon tally’s up the results 


for available dates! 

Trivia Format

Value – $500.00

ALE will provide the following free of charge:

  • Quiz Master Gordon Smith

  • Private Room

  • First and Second Prize

  • Four spot prizes


Tables/ Team Sizes – 134 people/ 13 teams of 8, 6 teams of 4-6

  • Thirteen teams of eight; Six teams of four-six

  • Room for additional teams upon request

  • 134 seats total

  • Team Name & Numbers are to be submitted to 10 days prior to Quiz Start date

  • For dinner reservations – Teams are to call individually and book. Dinner reservations are made 1 hour prior to scheduled start time. (613) 831.2442.

Deposit - $300.00 – Date will not be confirmed until Deposit is paid

  • 70 people minimum required for Friday or Saturday night Quiz –

Trivia starts a half an hour after guest arrival

  • 60 people minimum required for weekday Quiz – 7:00pm start

  • Cancellations must be made 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO START DATE!


How you make MONEY!

  • Charge $ amount per ticket ($15)

  • 50/ 50 Draw – Tickets to be sold before the start of the Quiz and at the mid-way point of the Quiz

  • Raffle- If you are able to obtain prizing, ALE will provide a table and buckets to display the prizing. Simply sell the raffle tickets and have the person drop their ticket into the bucket of the desired prize. 

  • Sell tickets – 1 for $3  5 for $10         Wingspan for $20

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