Home Delivery Lunches

Introducing, ALE's home delivery lunches! This once-per-week treat is delivered hot, right to your door at lunch hour (11:30-12:30pm) on Wednesdays. These health-conscious & weekly rotating meals are nutritious and sized for perfectly for lunch hour. Whether you're looking for a quick-fix between meetings or a time-saving lunch for your virtual-learning children, we're excited to serve you. Click on the option best suited for you below to get started.  

For questions or assistance, please consult our FAQ guide below or email ben@aleottawa.ca.  

Choose your Lunch Subscription


4 Weeks

Dec. 16, Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Jan. 6


$15/week (+HST)

One Lunch Meal

Associated Side Dish

One Snack


8 Weeks

 Dec. 16, Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Jan. 6, Jan. 13, Jan. 20, Jan. 27, Feb. 3.


$14.35/week (+HST)

One Lunch Meal

Associated Side Dish

One Snack


Pay as you Go



starting Nov.18


$16 (+HST)

One Lunch Meal

Associated Side Dish

One Snack

Frequently asked questions

Do any of these meals contain peanuts?

No. None of the items on this menu contain peanuts. ALE has also structured this program in a way that ensures safe preparation, avoiding any cross-contamination in the process.

Is this similar to a school lunch program?

Yes! In fact, ALE consulted the Ontario Healthy Schools Guidelines while creating this menu to ensure that its' nutritional values are in line with a healthy lifestyle suited for an active child.

I am a senior citizen.  Can I order from this program?

Yes! These meals are structured to accomodate a smaller appetite while being both nutritious and filling.

What day & time is delivery?

Wednesdays between 11:30-12:30PM.

Can I order for more than one person?

Yes! Simply fill out the subscription form best suited for you a second time with that individual's meal choices.

Can I order for more than one day of the week?

Please email ben@aleottawa.ca to inquire about more delivery dates.

My child is not enjoying the delivered meals. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We can gladly cancel your subscription at any time and refund you for the unfulfilled subscription periods. Please email ben@aleottawa.ca.